The Lloyd's Intellectual Property Reporter is a weekly publication about each public company that:

  1. Is a party to legal proceedings alleging the infringement of intellectual property rights (including patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade dress, trade secrets, and royalties) in and outside the United States;
  2. Provides indemnification to its corporate partners who are facing intellectual property violation cases; or
  3. Faces suits arising from failure to abide by the terms of settlement agreements for an intellectual property case.

The publication covers companies with minimum total assets of US$1 billion, focusing on the Forbes Global 2000.

When you discover what a superior information source this is, you will appreciate the outstanding value Lloyd's Intellectual Property Reporter offers for a six-month subscription of just US$575.  Incidentally, additional e-mail addresses for members of the same firm, for the term of the initial subscription, are only US$25 each.  Everyone in the firm can get an individual subscription to Lloyd's Intellectual Property Reporter at nominal cost.

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