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Lloyd's Environmental Litigation Reporter is a weekly publication on all public companies that:

  1. Are under litigation or under threat of legal action for environment-related issues (e.g., remediation/cleanup of contaminated sites whether currently, previously or owned by the company);
  2. Are identified as potentially responsible parties for contamination of certain sites by the Environmental Protection Agency or by similar state or federal agencies); or
  3. Have agreements with other companies, relevant agencies, or other entities, related to environmental issues - such agreements may include indemnification issues, agreement to conduct joint remediation of contaminated sites, etc.

The publication covers companies with minimum total assets of US$1 billion, focusing on the Forbes Global 2000.

When you discover what a superior information source this is, you will appreciate the outstanding value Lloyd's Environmental Litigation Reporter offers for a six-month subscription of just US$575. Incidentally, additional email addresses for members of the same firm, for the term of the initial subscription, are only US$25 each. Everyone in the firm can get an individual subscription to Lloyd's Environmental Litigation Reporter at nominal cost.

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