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Busy. That's today's class action professionals. But no matter how busy, they've got to stay on top of business.

That's where Class Action Reporter comes in. CAR covers all major class action litigation throughout the United States.

Every business day CAR delivers -- right there in your email -- the very latest news. Information on late-breaking events, new cases, current developments and much more of vital importance to you.   Download a sample issue  of the CAR now!

It's all news you can use because our editors are professionals who know what their fellow professionals need to know. What's more, the CAR format is designed to let you scan the headlines and zero in on cases of interest to you. So you only read the details you choose. We give you news not clutter.

Class Action Reporter FREE for 30 Days.  That's Value You Can't Beat.

We invite you to discover how valuable the Class Action Reporter is at no cost. We're offering you CAR FREE for 30 days. There are no risks, no obligations, and no commitments of any kind.

When you find out what a superior information source you've got, you'll understand the outstanding value Class Action Reporter offers you for a six-month discounted subscription of US$575. Incidentally, additional email addresses for members of the same firm, for the term of the initial subscription, are only $25 each. Everyone in the firm can get an individual subscription to CAR at nominal cost.

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Class Action Reporter -- Top Stories

Class Action Reporter -- Top Stories is a daily newsletter that contains eight news item extracts from the news reports in the Class Action Reporter.  It's free and delivered to you every business day via email.  To read today's issue of Class Action Reporter Top Stories, click here and for the past issues, click here

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Meetings, seminars and conferences relating to everything about class actions are compiled by our team.  Click here and choose one that might interest you.

Class Action Reporter Archives

The Class Action Reporter archives put a wealth of information at your disposal and your choice of ways to study it.

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The Class Action Reporter is co-published and hosted by Beard Group, Bankruptcy Creditors' Service and the Internet Bankruptcy Library. 

class action reporter