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Asbestos Claims Trust

Updated: January 27, 2004

Jan 26, 2004 Making the Case for White Asbestos
Jan 16, 2004 Asbestos victims angered by proposed settlement
    Asbestos bailout criticized
Jan 14, 2004 Proposed asbestos fund opposed
Jan 12, 2004 Groups Rally Against Federal Bill on Asbestos
    Asbestos Rally Held at State Capitol
Jan 06, 2004 Chamber optimistic about asbestos reform
Dec 18, 2003 Asbestos time limit is upheld
Nov 23, 2003 Senate delays asbestos suit reform
    Senate Puts Asbestos Bill Off Until Next Year
    Asbestos Deal Eludes US Congress; Talks To Go On
Nov 12, 2003 Companies fight costs of asbestos lawsuits
Nov 11, 2003 Proposed asbestos fund not enough for victims
    Should US Pay On Asbestos?
    US asbestos bill draws big lobby spending
Nov 10, 2003 Asbestos suits have Hatch and son on opposite sides
Nov 03, 2003 Fairness for Asbestos Victims
Nov 02, 2003 Time to resolve asbestos questions
Oct 31, 2003 ASBESTOS Importing death
Oct 28, 2003 U.S. Democrats want bipartisan asbestos talks
    Democrats Want Bipartisan Asbestos Talks
    Asbestos Victims Lose to Business in Proposed Law - Groups
    U.S. Democrats want bipartisan asbestos talks
Oct 25, 2003 Federal asbestos bill is best solution to litigation woes
Oct 21, 2003 Frist Asks Labor Counter-Offer on Asbestos
    Trial attorneys back asbestos bill
    US Sen Frist: Latest Asbestos Offer Better For Victims
    Bill to limit asbestos liability is not fair
Oct 20, 2003 Daschle opposes asbestos reform offer
 Oct 18, 2003 Unions reject deal to end asbestos claims
    Daschle, labor nix U.S. asbestos fund proposal
    Asbestos Plan in Trouble
    ABB welcomes U.S. asbestos appeal date
Oct 17, 2003 Daschle says US asbestos proposal funds fall short
    Asbestos Firms and Insurers Agree on Contributions to Fund
    US Senate Democratic Leader Criticizes Asbestos Offer
    Fund to be set up for asbestos claims
    Labor Condemns Asbestos Fund Offer from Business
    US Senate Staff, Unions Discuss Asbestos Offer
    Enactment of Asbestos Legislation Could Create More Than 800,000 Jobs and Increase Economic Growth
    Insurers, manufacturers OK split for asbestos fund
Oct 16, 2003 Agreement Reached on Asbestos Bill
    Asbestos-claims deal could revive legislation
    ASBESTOS: Insurers, manufacturers OK compensation funding
Oct 15, 2003 Asbestos Factions Struggle To Settle 30-Yr War
Oct 14, 2003 Asbestos compensation plan not a done deal
Oct 10, 2003 Firms confused by new asbestos regulations
    Asbestos negotiations go on
    Insurers reject revised asbestos reform proposal
Oct 08, 2003 Bill shows gap in asbestos negotiations
    Industry continues opposition to asbestos bill
    Hatch Asbestos Bill Faulty
    Asbestos Wave Surges; Crest Still to Come
Oct 04, 2003 Asbestos victims urge 'no' vote on legislation
Oct 03, 2003 Insurer groups outline asbestos stance
Oct 02, 2003 Insurers offer $45 billion for U.S. asbestos fund
Sept 30, 2003 Proposed law worries local asbestos victims
Sept 28, 2003 Policy squeeze as reinsurers back away from asbestos risk
Sept 24, 2003 GOP to push legislation on class action, asbestos suits inside
Sept 23, 2003 Cleaning up asbestos suits
Sept 18, 2003 US Chamber: Asbestos pushed back in Senate queue
    Prospects look dim in Congress for asbestos trust fund
Sept 16, 2003 Asbestos-plagued shares up on liability limit talk
    Asbestos fund plan unleashes lobbying war
    Asbestos settlement proposal sets off lobbying war
    Asbestos fund stirs debate
    Lobbying war erupts over asbestos settlement
    Asbestos settlement plan unleashes lobbying war
Sept 15, 2003 Asbestos settlement fund proposal sparks lobbying war
    Asbestos settlement fund proposal unleashes lobbying war
    Asbestos proposal yields lobbying war
    Asbestos cases to continue for years, warns Telegraph
Sept 13, 2003 Asbestos claims dust will take years to settle
Sept 12, 2003 Equitas working with Congress on asbestos reform
Sept 9, 2003 Sen . Hatch asks companies to work on asbestos bill
Sept 8, 2003 Time may run out on asbestos legislation
Sept 6, 2003 Chances look slim for asbestos trust
    Outlook dim for asbestos fund deal, Senate leader says
    Asbestos bill not likely, Frist says
  Sept 5, 2003 People sickened by asbestos oppose bill in Congress that would cap payments
    US Sen. Hatch thinks still time for asbestos bill
    Frist Says Odds Against Asbestos Deal
   Aug 31, 2003 Asbestos Bill Struggling on Capitol Hill
   Aug 25, 2003 NAII Files Brief to Accelerate Suits for Sickest Asbestos Claimants
 Aug 22, 2003 Specter Attempting to Revive Asbestos Litigation in the U.S. Senate
 Aug 20, 2003 Despite Opposition, Asbestos Expert Hopeful of Hatch Bill Passage
 Aug 15, 2003 Effort Announced to Mediate Asbestos Bill
 Aug 08, 2003 Groups unite to push for asbestos health facilities
    Help on the way for vets with asbestos illnesses
 Aug 03, 2003 The New Asbestos Bill, Part Two:
Why This Crucial Legislation Is Facing Huge Obstacles
 July 27, 2003 Asbestos litigation stretches system
    Deadly asbestos alert to DIY fans
July 15, 2003 Local lawyer raps asbestos bill
July 14, 2003 National asbestos fund may benefit Halliburton
    Bitter Senate fight begins today over asbestos bill
July 13, 2003 The New Asbestos Bill, Part One:
Why It Is Imperative That It Pass
    In asbestos claims, FAIR is fair
July 10, 2003 Senate Panel Clears Asbestos Fund Bill
    Asbestos Funds Hits Snag Over Size of Payouts
    Statement of The Honorable Patrick Leahy
    Statement of Honorable Orrin Hatch
July 09, 2003 Labor Raises New Concerns About Asbestos Fund
    The Hatch Asbestos Trust: A Fair Solution
July 08, 2003 Leahy says senators "close" on asbestos reform
    Future of asbestos legislation precarious, lawmakers say
July 07, 2003 House OKs bill on asbestos suits
July 06, 2003 Asbestos bill lives up to its name
July 04, 2003 US AIA insurance body opposes proposed asbestos settlement
    Insurance group balks at asbestos bill
    Changes In Asbestos Bill Worry Insurers
July 03, 2003 Insurers Threaten to Abandon Asbestos Bill
June 30, 2003 EDITORIAL: ASBESTOS FAIR gets fairer
June 29, 2003 Senator John Edwards Absent from Asbestos-Litigation Debate
June 27, 2003 Asbestos Legislation Taking Shape, But Obstacles Remain
    Asbestos bill buoys G-P
June 26, 2003 Senate Panel Agrees to Increase Size of Asbestos Trust
    Senate panel votes for asbestos fund backstop
    US Senate panel postpones final asbestos bill vote
    Senate sets rules on asbestos fund
    Senate Committee Promotes Trust Fund as Solution to Asbestos Claims
    New Deal Moves Asbestos Trust Over Big Hurdle
    Asbestos compensation
    R & SA gains from US asbestos move
    Shares up for cos. dealing with asbestos
June 25, 2003 Asbestos campaigners demand reforms
    Building materials firms to benefit from asbestos bill
June 24, 2003 Senate panel OKs medical criteria for asbestos fund
    US Sen Panel Strikes Deal On Asbestos Medical Criteria
    Insurance stocks up as asbestos progress seen
    Statement of Honorable Orrin Hatch
    Statement of Honorable Patrick Leahy
June 21, 2003 Legislators working on bill to deal with asbestos-related claims
June 20, 2003 Senators agree to asbestos ban; negotiations continue on other issues
    Agreement On Asbestos Bill Elusive, But Some Changes Approved
June 19, 2003 Panel set to vote on asbestos bill
    Statement Honorable Russ Feingold
    Statement of The Honorable Orrin Hatch
    Sen. Hatch Agrees to Asbestos Ban as Part of Bill
    US Senators agree on parts of asbestos plan
    Democrats Urge More Talks to End Asbestos Fund Bill Impasse
    Senators Agree to Permanent Asbestos Ban
June 18, 2003 Asbestos ad war on eve of U.S. committee debate
June 17, 2003 Possible Delay in Asbestos Vote
    US senator seeks delay in committee asbestos vote
June 16, 2003 Asbestos bill eyes court-run trust fund
    Labor, business in asbestos talks again
June 12, 2003 Statement of The Honorable Patrick Leahy
June 11, 2003 AFL-CIO writes U.S. senators, raps asbestos bill
June 6, 2003 UPDATE 2-Asbestos legislation could help Halliburton
June 5, 2003 Hatch Pushing for 'Asbestos Court'
    Hatch bill would end all asbestos lawsuits
    Hatch may include U.S. asbestos ban in bill
    Opponents Clash On Asbestos Bill
    AIG's Greenberg pessimistic on asbestos deal
June 4, 2003 Sen. Leahy urges more talks on U.S. asbestos bill
    Hatch attempts to broker deal on asbestos claims
    Labor Accepts Hatch Invite to Talk on Asbestos
    Senate Democrats Seek Changes in Asbestos Compensation Bill
    Senator Chuck Hagel
    Testimony of Sen. Patty Murray
    Statement of Senator Baucus
    Prof. Laurence Tribe
    Testimony of Laura Welch, MD
    Statement of Jennifer L. Biggs, FCAS, MAAA
    Testimony as delivered by Robert P. Hartwig, Ph.D., CPCU
    Statement of Chairman Orrin G. Hatch
    Statement of Senator Patrick Leahy
June 3, 2003 Baucus, Burns keep tabs on asbestos bill
May 31, 2003 Asbestos Bill May Spur New M&A Activity
May 28, 2003 Proposals aim to limit rising asbestos claims
    NAMIC Comments on Asbestos Litigation Legislation
    Booming Asbestos Litigation Threatens Tennessee's Small Businesses
May 27, 2003 Proposed Bill Would Ban Asbestos in America

Why an Asbestos Deal May Falter

May 23, 2003   Murray tries again to outlaw asbestos
Senator hopes federal study, rising profile will help new bill
    Hatch introduces asbestos legislation as groups squabble

May 22, 2003 Stocks fall for companies facing asbestos lawsuits
    Asbestos Suits Forces Stocks to Fall
    Skepticism over bill hurts stocks of companies facing asbestos lawsuits

May 20, 2003 Asbestos lawsuit reform bill ready
Hatch to introduce legislation Thursday
    Asbestos bill gathers steam
Bill sponsored by Sen. Orrin Hatch capping damages gains support from one Democratic colleague.
    Sen. Hatch sets out proposal for asbestos settlement
May 19, 2003 Sen. Hatch to introduce asbestos bill Thursday
May 17, 2003 Bill would cap asbestos liability
May 16, 2003 Lawyers emerge as Supreme Court specialists
May 15, 2003 Senator Seeks Dem. Backing for Asbestos Bill
    USG woes could hit investors
May 14, 2003 Misery Loves Another Company
Federal-Mogul, burdened with asbestos claims, tests the limits of bankruptcy law.
    National Asbestos Settlement Not Likely to Have Material Impact on Ratings
May 12, 2003 Deep 'Deception' Placerville author puts human face on deadly effects of asbestos exposure
May 7, 2003 Jury rules against asbestos insurers
May 6, 2003 Key Senator Ready to Move Bankruptcy Bill
    Sen. Hatch Sees Asbestos Fund at $108 Billion
April 26, 2003 Lawyers Silent on Possible Asbestos Trust
April 25, 2003 G-P chief: Asbestos deal would be 'earthshaking'
    Negotiators appear close to a legislative settlement
    $100 Billion Trust Fund Envisioned for Asbestos Claims
April 24, 2003 Asbestos Accord is Said to be Near
April 21, 2003 WSJ Letter to the Editor
April 14, 2003 Risk & Insurance, "Asbestos: A $275 Billion Time Bomb Threatens More than Just Insurers"
    Insurance Journal, "Solution to Growing Asbestos Crisis
May be on the Way"
April 10, 2003 Asbestos Claims Payment Facility: Supporting A Solution That Works
Rep. Dooley, joined by Reps. Moran, Smith, Davis, Stenholm, Larson and Larsen introdice the Asbestos Victims' Compensation Act of 2003
    Rep. Dooley's Press Release
    Asbestos Alliance's Press Release
April 9, 2003 WSJ Editorial piece
April 4, 2003 Rep. Cannon's Press Release
    Cannon Introduces Asbestos Compensation Bill
    Asbestos Alliance's Press Release
April 1, 2003 Summit Meeting including Sens. Leahy, Hatch, DeWine, Kyl, Dodd and "key stakeholders"
March 18, 2003 National Association of Manufactures' Letter to Sen. Hatch
March 11, 2003 National Association of Manufacturers' Press Release re Ayres decision
March 10, 2003 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Norfolk & Western Ry. Co. v. Ayers, et al.
    ("railroad workers can recover damages for fear of contracting cancer")
    Asbestos Alliance's Press Release
March 5, 2003 Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing "The Asbestos Litigation Crisis Continues -- It is Time for Congress to Act"
    Sen. Hatch's Statement
    Sen. Leahy's Statement
    Sen. Voinovich's Testimony
    Mr. Harvey's Testimony
    Sen. Baucus' Testimony
    Sen. Baucus' Press Release
    Mr. Haitt's Testinomy
    Mr. Austern's Testimony
    Mr. McCandless' Testimony
    Mr. Archer's Testimony
    Mr. Kazan's Testimony
    Sen. DeWine's Statement
    Sen. Nickles' Press Release
    National Association of Manufacturers' Press Release
    Asbestos Alliance's Statement
    Asbestos Alliance's Press Release
March 4, 2003 Washinigton Legal Foundation Press Release
    The Asbestos Litigation Crisis: Who Will Clean Up this
Elephantine Mess?
February 28, 2003 Hellerman & Voorhees Asbestos Defense Conference
February 26, 2003 Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing Notice
February 14, 2003 S.413 Summary
    S.413 Fact Sheet
    Sen. Nickles' Press Release
    National Association of Manufactures' Press Release
    Asbestos Alliance's Press Release
February 13, 2003 Floor Statement
February 11, 2003 American Bar Assoc. Press Release
    Asbestos Alliance Press Release
    Asbestos Alliance Advertising
January 29, 2003 Senate Budget Committee Hearing Mr. Baroody's Testimony
    Asbestos Alliance Press Release
December 18, 2002 Fortune, "Firms Unite to Leave Asbestos in the Dust"
    How Asbestos Litigation Impacts Jobs, 401(k)s, Overall Economy
    Full Report
September 25, 2002 Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing "Asbestos Litigation"
    Sen. Leahy's Statement
    Sen. Hatch's Statement
    Sen. Thurmond's Statement
    Sen. Kohl's Statement
    Sen. Baucus' Testimony
    Sen. Nelson's Testimony
    Mr. Austern's Testimony
    Mr. Baron's Testimony
    Prof. Dellinger's Testimony
    Mr. Kazan's Testimony
    Sen. DeWine's Press Release
    National Association of Manufacturers' Statement
    Asbestos Alliance's Press Release
    RAND study, "Asbestos Litigation Costs and Compensation"
    Asbestos Litigation Costs and Compensation
September 24, 2002 Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing Notice
September 13, 2002 Hellerman & Voorhees Asbestos Defense Conference
June 17, 2002 Amici Brief submitted in Norfolk & Western Ry. Co. v.
Ayers, et al. (No. 01-963)
March 4, 2002 Fortune, "The $200 Billion Miscarriage of Justice"
August 15, 2001 RAND report, "ASBESTOS: OVER 500,000 CLAIMANTS AND $21
February 6, 2001 National Association of Manufacturers Resolution on
Asbestos Litigation
April 11, 2000 S.758 proposed by Sen. Dodd in the 106th Congress